The Regional Hospital in Horsens is the Central Denmark Regions southernmost emergency hospital with a catchment area stretching from Hedensted in the South to Skanderborg in the North.

Patients focal

At the Regional Hospital in Horsens we do our utmost to ensure that the quality of treatment and patient satisfaction are as high as at all possible. As far as the future of the hospital is concerned, we intend to set the agenda.

Our vision is to tailor treatment to each individual patient. Our means to this end is to employ highly trained staff, but also to ensure that our actions promote confidence and presence among patients. This involves, among other things, all patients admitted to the Regional Hospital having the same contact person throughout their stay.

In touch with the future

We have installed high-tech facilities to ensure the best possible treatment. All our wards use electronic patient journals, and in the operating theatres computer technology known as iHospital provides patients with extremely efficient treatment and allows relatives and the wards to be kept much more precisely informed about operations.

A teaching hospital

The Research Unit consists of clinical lecturers, adjuncts and PhD-students as well as technical staff, and has a well equipped research laboratory. Research areas include reproductive health, gastroenterology medically and surgically, orthopaedics, emergency care and geriatrics, including a focus on nurse-based research across these fields. The hospital is a teaching hospital, receiving many students in medicine, nursing and other areas.

Welfare in the job

If we are to offer our patients the best possible service we need the right kind of staff. For this very reason we have launched a major welfare venture to enable us to recruit new, competent staff and retain the diligent colleagues we already have.

The target image of the Regional Hospital in Horsens