At Horsens Regional Hospital you will find employees from all over the world.

At Horsens Regional Hospital, we do not have a central organisation that deals with unsolicited applications. As a public organisation, we have to advertise for all positions, and for that reason Horsens Regional Hospital does not recruit on the basis of unsolicited applications.

All available positions at Horsens Regional Hospital are listed on the website and we urge you to apply only for specific vacancies. At the moment the positions are only described in Danish.

Working in the Danish Healthcare Service

Employment at Horsens Regional Hospital and in the Danish Healthcare Services in general dictates some important requirements.

Rules for residence, work and licensing

The rules for residency, work and licensing depend on your citizenship. There are different rules whether you come from Scandinavia, EU/EEA and Switzerland or other countries.

For general information and requirements for working in Denmark, please visit the Danish government's website for international recruitment

Employee requirements

Most employees will need:

  • Authorisation
    If you as a foreigner apply for a job at Horsens Regional Hospital as e.g. a medical doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapists or a radiographer you will need to have a Danish authorisation. You can find information and application forms at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority
  • Certificate of registration/residence card or residence and work permits from the Danish Immigration Service
    If you wish to apply for a Danish residence and work permit, the application process differs depending on whether you are applying as an employee, or as a jobseeker. You can find application forms and read more at the official site for foreigners and integration at:
  • Danish language courses
    It is important that you speak some Danish for most positions at Horsens Regional Hospital.

Short term stays

In most cases, foreign nationals need to have a residence and work permit before they can begin work. In certain cases however, foreign nationals can perform work-related activities while in Denmark on a visa, without holding a residence and work permit.

If your stay is shorter than three months, you are allowed to perform certain types of work-related activities even if you do not have a residence and work permit. Such activities include teaching or attending a course or participating in meetings, negotiations, briefings and training.

You can find further information about conditions and how to a apply on the official site for foreigners and integration