The hospital management of the Regional Hospital Horsens has overall responsibility for patient treatment, patient care and operation of the hospital.

Hospital Director
Lisbeth Holsteen Jessen
+45 7842 5001

Gitte Bénée Murmand
+45 7842 5060

Medical director
Nils Falk Bjerregaard

Lene Skjærris 
+45 7842 5064

Chief Nursing Officer
Hanne Sveistrup Demant 
+45 7842 5006

Bente Reese
+45 7842 5064


The Regional Hospital Horsens is part of the Central Denmark Region. The hospital is managed by the hospital management and the hospital director, a head physician, head nurse and department managers.

The hospital employs some 1.400 staff and consists of treatment and serviced apartments, each of which have a number of awards and units etc.


We aims to provide quality service. All hospitals in Denmark have to be accredited - a sort of quality certification - and this means that the hospital must be fully in control of the treatment of patients. 

Guidelines must be drawn up for a large number of procedures at the hospital, and these guidelines must be know, complied with and documented. 

The primarily concern will be to single out those areas which the hospital has processes that have not yet been described. Following this will be areas most significant to the patient - e.g. the contact person scheme. 
Then it will be a question of safeguarding the clinics. Their job is to take care of the patients. For this reason most wards have appointed other clinicians whose job it is to improve quality.