We decided to induce your labour by a balloon catheter.                                             

The course

The purpose of inserting a balloon catheter

What is a balloon catheter?

What will happen after the balloon catheter has been inserted?

If the catheter falls out or your water breaks spontaneously

When the membranes are ruptured

If it is not possible to rupture the membranes

Possible side effects


How to contact us

Maternity Ward 

Sundvej 30D
8700 Horsens 

Change of appointment

The Maternity Wards secretary: All weekdays at 10.00 am - 12.00 am at phone 7842 6460

Non-immediate questions

The midwife counselling: All weekdays at 8.00 am - 9.30 am at phone 7842 6470

Immediate questions and delivery

Maternity Ward: 78 42 99 03 

Before 20th week of pregnancy: general practitioner or duty doctor.

If you follow the known midwife solution you must call the hotline telephone number you have been provided by your consulting midwife. 

Brug ikke informationen på denne side til at stille dine egne diagnoser, og følg kun instruktionerne i vejledningen, hvis hospitalet har henvist dig til siden.