This leaflet contains relevant information for you as a patient at The Intensive Care Ward and your relatives. We hope that this information can answer most of your questions.

Your stay with us

About the treatment at The Intensive Care Ward

You receive information continuously

The technical equipment in the ward

The circadian rythm in the ward

How to communicate in the ward


Physical conditions

How to find The Intensive Care Ward


Map of the hospital


Food and beverages

The hospital canteen

The hospital shop

Telephone and Internet

Mobile phones


The hygiene in the ward


For relatives

Telephone inquiries

Direct telephone numbers to the nurse

Number of visitors and visiting hours

When visiting the ward

When you go home

When you are discharged from The Intensive Care Ward

More information

Personal effects

Talk with the hospital priest

Assistance from an interpreter


The Intensive Care Ward

Sundvej 30B
8700 Horsens

The secretariat can be contactet by phone at 7842 5356 between 9 am and 3 pm every day.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day on email:  Send secure mail to The Intensive Care Ward. We respond on weekdays.

Brug ikke informationen på denne side til at stille dine egne diagnoser, og følg kun instruktionerne i vejledningen, hvis hospitalet har henvist dig til siden.