The department management consists of chief of surgery Jørn Selling Rasmussen.

There are two bed sections in the department and a Wound and Ostomy Clinic.

Surgical Ward 1 and the clinic is headed by charge nurse Caroline Riis Mågård.

Surgical Ward 2 is headed by charge nurse Bente Frøkjær-Jensen.

The staff are working in teams. We strive to make sure that you meet known personnel from day to day.

Your stay with us

If you need to be hospitalised

Circadian rhythm

Ward rounds

Talking with specialists

The physical surroundings

All rooms are single bedrooms with private bath and toilet.

Assistive devices

Meals and beverages

All meals are served at a waitered buffet in the sitting room.

Phone and internet

Mobile phones are allowed with consideration for the other patients.


Visiting hours

Be aware

The hospital is a no smoking area which thereby includes both patients and visitors.

Items of value

When you come home


Access to your journal


You may always contact us

If you have practical questions before your surgery, you can contact our secretariat between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm at phone 7842 6285.

If you have questions in relation to your surgery after you are discharged, you can contact Surgical Ward 1 at phone 7842 6277.

Brug ikke informationen på denne side til at stille dine egne diagnoser, og følg kun instruktionerne i vejledningen, hvis hospitalet har henvist dig til siden.