The Surgical Ward 2 also receives patients between the age of 2-15 years.

There are a total of 20 single bedrooms and 3 of those rooms are for children.

We receive patients day and night and 70% of these are emergency admissions.

This entails that the weekdays can be unpredictable, and waiting time and rescheduling of surgery and examinations may occur.

Your stay with us

Circadian rhythm

The physical surroundings

All rooms are single bedrooms with private bath and toilet.

Meals and beverages

All meals are served at the buffet in the sitting room.

Phone and internet

Mobile phones are allowed with consideration for the other patients.


It is possible for a parent to be hospitalised with the child.

Siblings and friends

Be aware

The hospital is a no smoking area which thereby includes both patients and visitors.

When you come home

A description of course of treatment is sent to your general practitioner

More information

Children's reaction to hospitalisation

Good advice for parents with hospitalised children


You may always contact us

If you have practical questions before your surgery, you can contact our secretariat between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm at phone 7842 6285.

If you have questions in relation to your surgery after you are discharged, you can contact Surgical Ward 1 at phone 7842 6277.

Brug ikke informationen på denne side til at stille dine egne diagnoser, og følg kun instruktionerne i vejledningen, hvis hospitalet har henvist dig til siden.