The aim of monitoring your blood pressure for 24 hours is to investigate the level of your blood pressure for a longer period of time, which gives a more accurate picture. 

On the day of the examination

Please wait in the waiting room in The Heart Clinic 2, from where the staff will collect you.

It takes approximately 15 minutes to attach the device.

About the examination

You cannot shower while wearing the device.

At night, place the bag on your bed to ensure that the device does not fall on the floor. The wires are long enough to enable you to move around in bed.

After the examination

Please take off the equipment yourself and return it to the Heart Clinic 2, unless otherwise agreed.


Heart Clinic 1 and 2

Telephone: 7842 6790

The phone is open between 8.00 am - 2.00 pm


Horsens Regional Hospital
Department of Medicine
Heart Clinic 1 and 2
Sundvej 30A
8700 Horsens

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