About the treatment

What is the sphincter?

Why is the sphincter ruptured?

How is the sphincter stitched together?

How long will it hurt after the birth?

Will the stitches disappear by themselves?

When you go home

Good advice on healing during the first period

Ice cold dressings


Breast feeding

Intestinal function

When to contact a doctor or hospital

Will I become normal again

Training of the pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor muscle exercise after birth

Kegel exercises during the first couple of weeks after the birth

Sex after the birth

You will be examined by your general practitioner 8 weeks after the birth

Further course

Physical therapy and good advice on rehabilitation

Kegel exercises are good for the pelvic floor throughout the life

Follow-up by telephone interview


Region Hospital Horsens
Maternal NewBorn Care Unit
Sundvej 30C
DK-8700 Horsens

Tel.: +45 7842 6507 (the secretary)

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